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After Goong, have been trying to watch other kdrama and see if any is interesting enough to keep me occupied. and i started liking full house and delightful girl choon hyang as well. what other kdrama have you all watched after goong?

and i did some very simple graphics of JJH and Jae Hee from Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Feel free to use them, just comment and credit me. wanted to do another one on rain as well, but i am so tired after making these due to my limited skills.. maybe i will try to do it later and update this post.

[x] credit blurrain
[x] do not hotlink! save to your own album. my bandwidth is limited. gomen.
[x] do support goong, joo ji hoon and jae hee! teehee! *gwinz*
[x] i have a new Jae Hee Community going. Those who enjoyed Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and last episode of My Girl (Jae Hee and Chae Young guest starring in there during last episode) and like Jae Hee, please drop by, join or say hi! ^^
[x] comments welcomed

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Deleted comment

i like bi's performance in Full House especially! i tink he can really act. which truthfully surprised me a lil, cos i always got the impression that he is just another pretty boy. Hyun Bin is cute in MNIKSS. but haven watched any of his other dramas, look forward to them. any recommendations?

yay, my faves k-actors!
*Bi Rain (admires his acting)
*Jae Hee (*drools over his photos & love his expressions!)
*Joo Ji Hoon (amazed at his crying techniques in Goong.)
*Lee Dong Wook (he's jus very comfortable to look at, esp in My Girl.)
*Hyun Bin (next door boy, probably cos he acted besides the sam soon lady, rofl...)

Deleted comment

is there anywhere to download that movie?
i saw it in his filmography list, looks good.
don't think i have seen it in my local rental stores before..